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How to Connect the Network Cable Connector ?
2022-04-07 09:04:14
Let's take a look at the connection method of the crystal head of the Network Cable
RJ45 interface network cable crystal plug connection method is not difficult, simple and not easy, the materials needed are network cable and crystal plug, let's talk about how to connect the network cable crystal plug in detail, and then let the editor Lead you to take a look.
In the first step, remove the jumper cable sleeve from the end.
The second step is to remove the cross-shaped skeleton on the jumper.
Cat6 utp Cable struture
The third step is to arrange the wires from left to right according to the 568B or 568A standard.
wire order
In the fourth step, after the wires have been trimmed, put them on top of the wire breaker inside the crystal head, paying attention to the order in which the wires are interspersed. Pull down the cable divider inside the crystal head along the wire until there is no unlocking button, and then remove the excess cable in front.
The fifth step is to put the repaired wires inside the outer layer of the crystal head, paying attention to the correct orientation.
finished cat6
The sixth step is to use a crimping tool to compact the finished crystal head.
The above is the connection method of our jumper crystal head. We can see that with the development of science and technology, the network cable crystal head has played an important role in our daily life. When we connect the crystal head, we must follow the connection method, so as to be able to exert its maximum effect. Hope it could help everyone.